About Us

What we do

We make luxury home fragrance products, specialising in candles and reed diffusers, that provide superior scent throw whilst also looking lovely. Our aim is to fill your home with a wonderful range of delicious smells and to delight you in everything we do. 

Our products 

Every one of our products is hand made with love in Hertfordshire. They are specifically designed to smell amazing in your room, not just in the box. So every candle and reed diffuser uses a generous quantity of fragrance and is tested and retested to make sure you will get the perfect scent throw, making your home smell fabulous. Our fragrances are carefully selected for both the quality and complexity of the scent as well as its ability to meander gracefully throughout your room.

In addition to our Signature range of premium fragrances, there is also Jique Spa Day, a selection of fragrances inspired by a relaxing day at the spa; Jique Christmas, a selection of festive aromas to get you in the yuletide mood; and Jique Vibrant, a range of fabulous fragrances at a lower price point.

It is important to us that our products don’t just smell amazing but also look great, so we developed the simple and elegant Jique brand that you see across the Jique range. Our smart, stylish designs have universal appeal and so make the perfect gift for just about anyone! Finally, we want to make sure we provide value for money by producing great products that last a long time but don’t cost the earth. Our candles will give around 40 hours of burn time and our reed diffusers give you around 4-6 months of scent.

Who we are 

Josie Boulter owns and runs Jique from her tiny studio in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire. Josie has always had a love of wonderfully scented candles but had found that candles she bought didn’t always live up to her expectations. So she decided to do something about this and began making her own. With a mission to create candles that would make a room smell amazing, Josie set about learning the art of candle making, developing the perfect combination of wax, wick and fragrance to create an excellent ‘hot scent throw’. She has expanded this to include reed diffusers and will be looking to bring several new products to market in the near future.

"There’s actually a lot more to candle making than people think,” Josie says. “Before I started I thought it would be a simple process of adding fragrance to wax, putting a wick in and away you go. But actually each type of wax, each wick and each fragrance has its own little personality and finding the combination that works in the way you want it to takes time and effort. You have to be really passionate about candle making and about getting results, and I thoroughly enjoy the journey of perfecting each and every candle that I make." 

What people say about us

“Fabulous scents & beautifully packaged, long lasting, subtle & well priced...... Can't wait to make the house smell like Christmas with festive scents!” Lorraine Ray 

“Gorgeous smells that really last, my current favourite is rainforest berries but that will probably change when I get my next one! I can't wait to try out the Christmas range!” Tori Day

“Lovely fragrance that lasts so long. Really great quality and value. Thank you.” Naomi Kinnear 

"We got a beautiful personalised candle for our wedding... and it smells fab! It lasts for ages and looks great on our mantelpiece. The reed diffusers are also great and much better than any others I've tried." Jules Cafferkey 

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